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ATRIK d.o.o., Ljubljana is an established manufacturer of equipment for the communal and sanitation services.

Development of our company has started over 60 years ago, when first communal vehicle for Snaga Ljubljana was produced. We merged with business system Riko Ribnica and renamed the company into Riko Komunalna oprema in 1982. After reorganization of Riko Ribnica we independently continue our business activities until 1997, when Avtotehna d.d. Ljubljana took over the company and renamed it into Atrik d.o.o. Nowadays, this brand name has become a synonym for modern company with highly qualified employees.

Over the years, the company has developed into modern, highly equipped company, which has become one of the leading producers of equipment for collection, compaction and transport of household refuse in the construction research and development segment. We have our own know-how, which is constantly upgraded and developed.

Our annual turnover is in total 4-5 million EUR, with 40 – 60 produced units per year. Besides Slovenian market, we are currently present on former Yugoslovenian markets (Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina) with significant market shares, between 70% and 80 % percent. We are also present in other foreign markets, such as Ukraine, Romania, U.A.E.

We have established and applied a Quality Management System, according to ISO 9001: 2000, certificated by international certificate body “TUV Management Service”, Germany. Superstructures type ATRIK also have CE Machinery Directive certification showing conformity with EN 1501-1.

Our good service unit in our company in Slovenia and also widespread networks of service workshops abroad, enables us to secure quality service in many markets. With our mobile service units we are able to secure quality service in the filed as good in highly equipped service workshops.

Our main production program is extended with selling other merchandise and representation of other producer’s programme such as Containers for waste collection. Our current distribution network in Slovenian and other markets enables us successful selling and representation of other brand names.

Production, selling and servicing of communal equipment:

  • Superstructures for refuse collection in range 5 m³ to 22 m³
  • Skip loaders for container transport from 1,6 m³ to 12 m³
  • Multipurpose superstructures type MPS
  • Tank superstructures for transportation of drinking water
  • Tank superstructures for street cleaning and watering of green surfaces
  • Special tank superstructures for pumping various waste liquids (ATRIK type FE)
  • Special tank superstructures for cleaning the sewage and drain systems by means of high pressure water and pumping  various waste liquids (ATRIK type KA)
  • Communal equipment
  • Repair of old superstructures

Mentioned communal equipment rental

Concession in sector of communal services

Projecting, production and installation of landfills, waste separation lines and recycling centers


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